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A place which someone falls in love with at first sight.

Surrounded by majestic mountains and the vastness of the sea, painted in Renaissance colours, consisting of people who stand out for their warmth and hospitality as genuine descendants of Xenios Zeus. From the first moment the visitor feels the intimacy and tranquillity that the place exudes. The choices in Rethymno are countless and satisfy all different tastes. A rare beauty of natural surroundings with a variety of routes in the hinterland and countless miles of coastline, combined with a vibrant historical and cultural tradition offer the opportunity for recreation, sightseeing and an exciting introduction to the Cretan soul.

Stroll the Historic Center Walking in Old Town transfer you in another era. The narrow paved streets, the fresh painted courtyards, the flower-filled balconies, the traditional taverns, make up a scenery that time hasn't affected. Tastes, scents, images, sounds, spontaneous smiles and a welcome raki drink guarantee a wonderful walk in a magical past and a vibrant present.
Venetian Renaissance monuments Experience the magic of the Venetian sites that maintain even nowadays the glory and beauty of old times.
Fortezza fortress, with its exquisite architecture and the unique Venetian harbour are two of the most beautiful spots of the city. The Loggia, the minarets, numerous fountains, the old carved doors and numerous other monuments carry you into a wonderful dream.

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